Steel Fabrications in Birmingham

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Steel Fabrications in Birmingham
3D Drawing/Jet Cam
Computer-aided design is the use of computer technology for the design of objects, real or virtual. CAD often involves in the manual drafting.

CNC Punching
We use Computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine tools that have revolutionised the design process.

We have two guillotines including a 3 metre amada machine capable of cutting ST/ST up to 3mm and M/S up to 5mm.

Laser Cutting
At LS Fabrications we are experts in laser cutting services and sheet metal fabrication Our highly skilled team can offer fast turnaround of orders.

Machine Shop
Our machine shop is equipped with 2 small Milling machines,1 small lathe, Power Rollers, Drills, Guillotine and Graining Machines.

Metal Fabrication
We offer sheet metal fabrication in a range of metals including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

Nutting Machines
We are well equipped to insert most fasteners and fittings into most jobs, using our auto nutting machines.

Powder and Wet Spray facilities
In-House Powder and Wet Spray - LS fabrication we have the latest technology to combine painting and technology of all metal fabrications.

Our welders are well experienced . With both TIG and MIG welding plants, they are capable of welding materials such as M/S S/T and aluminium.

About Us

LS Fabrications is an integrated manufacturing business with all the capabilities to guarantee its customers a fast turn around, comprehensive the complete service from design to completion, procurement of materials and parts at competitive prices - Proven high quality products.


LS Fabrications based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire (Herts) offers a comprehensive, one-stop service for all your sheet metal working requirements from conception, through design to completion with punching/laser cutting, folding, welding, powder coating and assembly.


With our extensive plant, which ranges from CNC punching, laser cutting up to 3 metres, bending up to 3 metres, spot welding, tig/mig welding etc, we can produce all types of sheet metal work. All our plant is in our factory in hertfordshire with our CAD designers, trained machine operators.

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Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you would have any queries, or would like to discuss your fabrication and Display Screeen requirements. Phone 01707 885 885 or email at and we will contact you:

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