St Pancras Station

Completed 2012

Steel Fabrications - St Pancras International Railway terminal London

Manufacture of Ticket Office Desks and Departure Stairway Panels 

St Pancras Station caters for millions of passengers every year. That kind of volume requires a durable product that looks good and is easy to clean. We were able to supply stainless steel with a range of finishes to suit our Client’s requirements. We then took the Architect’s Drawing of the ticket office and stairways and using our CAD software converted these into 3D Scale Models.

This technology allows us to produce a 2 dimensional cutting template (The CNC Coding) for our Laser cutting machines. These Laser machines cut to an accuracy of a fraction of a millimetre, which is how we ensure that the panels fit together and the fixing holes line up.

Once the flat steel is cut to specification, and prepared for converting into the required 3D shapes, the 3D Shapes are assembled and checked against the specification. They are then welded, cleaned, passed for final inspection and are delivered to the Client for final sign off.

These products have been in use at St Pancras for several years now and we are proud to say they look as good as new.