Warren Street

Completed 2012

Steel Fabrications - Warren Street

The Client Brief was to deliver panels to cover the large electrical conduits at Warren Street station. The Panels needed to be robust yet transparent (to see any smoke) We received the complex Three Dimensional Drawings, developing them into a 3D model allowing us to achieve the flat pattern we require to start the production of the involved curved panel required for arch shaped underground network

After the punching and lasering processes required to produce the perforated sheets of material. It is formed into the curved state and checked with Jigs for accuracy. Then welded and cleaned ready for degreasing prior to applying a phosphate undercoat coat and painting.

The Powder Coat is Certified to LUL Pantone Specifications. The powder is then applied to certain faces to minimise Fire Risk and the Potential for toxic fumes. 

The Design also takes into account the Sound Deadening qualities of the Holes transmitting sound into the conduit behind which will break up and help to absorb the sound waves