Back to the racing!

Living near to a major University has it pros and cons but when Hatfield University Racing team came to us and asked us to join their team we were happy to help.  The team made up students that a massively into their racing, take part in all aspects of the team from design, to mechanics to driving!

The team asked us to manufacture some very intricate parts for their racing car, these were made out of light 0.9 mild steel and were very very small. As you can imagine the team needed these pieces to be lightweight , fit perfectly and be of a high standard.

Our laser team got the selection of parts and cut out and kept them free from dust and dirt to make sure these parts were of the highest standard for the car. Once the parts were delivered the team let us know that they were suitable and were already taking place on the vehicle.

A few weeks later we got invited to the unveiling of the teams new car before they started their seasons races, we are happy to say the team did a great job building it and we wish them all the luck in the future and will be more than happy to help out if needed!


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